Assassin's Creed Odyssey Review.

Soft Reboot of Assassin's Creed Origin presented a new approach to working with a number of dynamic systems at work along with a wide and vibrant open world as well as a series of "stealth-action gameplay brands" of the series. In this year's follow-up, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, developer Ubisoft Quebec builds on his predecessors and shows more confidence in the new direction of the series in this process.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Review.

Set in ancient Greece, the Odyssey predicts the past game for many centuries. During the Peloponnesian War in 431 BC, you play the role of Haley, either Alixios or Kassandra, brother sisters, and former Spartan. Keeping in mind the series tradition, the Odyssey has parallel stories with a parallel story and main story running in the main day. Following the political intrigue and critical moments of dealing with the struggle of war in Greece, you will come back to the modern day to continue the story of Layla Hassan, who was presented in Genesis, who are working to uncover the mysteries of the first civilization. During your visit to ancient Greece, you will uncover the lost cemeteries, engage in the naval battle on the high seas, and kill the chief members of a shadowy conspiracy in search of the control of the known world.

Through the Greek mainland and islands of the Mediterranean Sea, in your trek, you come in different areas that offer tribute to the old deities, while offering tribute to the old deities, while rubbing the shoulder with many historical figures of the era Want to make your mark in Greek The amount of expansion packed in each location is tied together by the dynamic and dynamic ecosystem where local wildlife and citizens keep their area. But as soon as you move forward, you will see the many difficulties and realities of life in ancient Greece, which includes the ever-present war between slavery and military-driven Spartan and bureaucratic Athenian army.

Showing the map more than twice the size of the previous game is designed to detect the Odyssey and has contingency material for your wandering. You understand that wherever you go, your actions will have a lasting effect, and the Odyssey provides a property of a material that fuels your growth at a steady pace. Although the issue of level-gaining sometimes comes, which prevents you from actively searching any area as you wish, you can break from main holiday and go straight to the width of the side material on your holiday. Many side quests offer a surprising amount of depth and heart and offer some more lasting moments of the Odyssey.

In the main story and side-quest, you will take many important decisions that affect the story of the game and your character's journey. However, in many choices you choose, it is largely indispensable and results are only slightly different for searches at the end, which can lead to hard turns of events from decision-making decisions, some stories and characters from time to time But fulfill their end. In the moments you will expect at least, you will see the payment for initial decisions in the story, for better or worse. With nine different possible outcomes on the conclusion of the main story, there are surprisingly large numbers of causes and effects that the story can feel for all of us.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Review.

Various heroes offer some lovely and entertaining moments of Odyssey. Despite the serious nature of the game, jokes and funny gags break the tension even during critical events. Though both Ksandra and Alexeo share the same dialogue and beat beats, their individual personality, gender, and perspectives of approach provide unique flavor, making them different - some scenes and question lines with a special character Feel more suitable.
Romance side character is also possible in the Odyssey. Although some of these scenes may be entertaining, they are mostly bizarre shows of affection, which do not have any real purpose. During the conversation, these scenes are almost always a shallow side result, in which the characters are closed off before returning to the conversation without leaving a beat. Often, these funny romance opportunities immediately (or during) appear immediately after harassing the events. Apart from seeing some extra scenes with some characters, there is really no use to join romance. It is cheap to include these scenes and otherwise can be interesting discussions.

As you move forward the story of the world and advance in the main story, new gameplay mechanics and side opportunities will reveal themselves and will provide further encouragement to explore. When the conspiracy that threatens Greece, it determines itself, then you will be able to keep track of key players through the large interconnected web in the game menu, which can show their connections with other goals and track them How to find Intel to do But in one of Odyssey's more involved quests, you will have to face some of the world's mysterious animals, who offer some of the game's most inventive and memorable encounters, where cruel force is not always answered.

The world of ancient Greece feels more reactive than the last killer cult games, and you can understand that wherever you go, your actions will have a permanent effect. When you create too much trouble, you will get the attention of the rival mercenaries who want to collect a prize. Similar to the shadow of the enslavement system of war, though not sophisticated, the Odyssey presents an unlimited endless set of rivals with their own backstory, strength and potential loot. If you find a reward with your head, then the merchandise is often quick to appear - leads to some annoying encounters where they reach the worst possible time even during some story missions. If the encroachers feel the heat too much, then you can spend a lot of time to clean the bounty, kill any other wanted criminal, or pay your own prize in the game menu.
One of the more clever features of the Odyssey is the new Exploration Mode. With this optional mode enabled, you are challenged to use your observation and cutting skills to find your next target, without the support of icons or path points. By joining the Quest-Guiver and Friendly NPC, you will learn details about your surroundings and gradually split your next steps together. Exploration mode enhances pride that comes with solving puzzles, and this makes every step of your investigation more beneficial.

When it comes to war, the Odyssey maintains a recent trend to incorporate state-based mechanics into its original gameplay. Compared to the previous games, more focus has now been on allowing further adaptation of your character to face the challenges ahead. You can also create your character for specializing in sneaking, long distance or fair wars, and you are able to respec at any time. If you want to protect your character as a powerful Spartan warrior with a great spear and use your Spartan kick to boot the enemies with rocks, then you can, but you can stick to traditional killer archetype Are also free to do.

This opens up many opportunities to experiment with special moves and gear, of which later can be adapted with special dues which provide unique bonuses. Odyssey is no longer the characteristic of the shield introduced in Genesis, and as a result, the fight flows at a faster pace. By focusing more on the injuries coming from the enemies and parrying the enemies, the fight feels more involved and dynamic. There are times where the Odyssey can compete with the action gameplay to run in the awkwardness of its RPG mechanics - because of being under-level due to being unable to kill the enemies completely - to give the players choices Avoid such unnecessary engagement.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Review.

Compared to the Navy and sailing back in the Odyssey, which opens the exploration on the high seas. As soon as you build resources to join your crew and find new members, you can adapt and upgrade your ship, Adressia to face more adventurous challenges. Like the Black Flag and the Rogue, the pirate offers some more exciting and visible pleasurable moments of the game, looking for the erosion of sunrises lost in the depths of the oceans or facing against aggressively rival ships. During your journey, you will be able to recruit new lieutenants to add a buffer to your ship, so that you can give a greater chance to fight against more ocean threats.

The Odyssey's scope is very large, and for the most part, it has been well presented. But some new innovations that want to fit within the world scale, however, have lost some of the grand plans of the game. With the ongoing war between the Spartan and Athenian army, you can choose to participate in the conflict and eliminate the influence of the group in an area. In these victorious battles, you will choose one side and humiliate the hold of an army by killing their leaders and taking their resources - will conclude in a massive war against their armies.

Although it is a solid way to get the resource and improve its position with the faction, mechanics, and implementation in the general system of Odyssey feel half-baked on the worst and waste. In some more strange cases, the game and its story are not seriously conquering victory, especially when the main story is helping you a particular faction, even though the side material in the area actively injures them. This can, in turn, create a jerky and noticeable sense of discrepancy in your entire adventure. This game often struggles to understand the real war gameplay in terms of its original story, which is disappointing.
While looking at the Odyssey in the big picture, it can often feel like a lot of games for itself. There are many moments where the exploration loop, accomplishing missions and traveling can slow the speed. It is excited by a huge map, which can sometimes be very large and travel during the journey. There are also some notable bugs and hits that come in the entire crop, in which there are people who stop the progress in a mission to crash the mission completely. During my visit many times, progress was somewhat tedious, which felt some more impressive and exciting moments in the story as a drag.

Despite this, the ambition of Assassin's Creed Odyssey is laudable, which appears in his rich meditation about the approach of handling versatile stories with the expansion of this era and strong heroes on the lead. While its massive campaign - running for more than 50 hours - can sometimes be tedious, and with some features, it does not have much effect, the Odyssey takes great steps in its vast and dynamic world, and It's a pleasure to quit and leave your identity on the always changing setting.

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