FIFA 19 Review

FIFA 19 Review by Gameinonline

Developer: EA Vancouver, EA Romania
Publisher: EA Sports
Composer: Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe
Series: FIFA
Engine: Frostbite 3 (PS4, XOne, Windows)
Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Release: 28 September 2018
Genre: Sports
Mode: Single-player, multiplayer

FIFA 19 Review

With the new kick off mode and some on-the-pitch enhancements, the always-busy Ultimate team and now the Champions League license, the FIFA 1 most complete football video game package is available. Sadly, Career Mode and Pro Club remain stupid and they need a strong refresh. Regardless, FIFA will like Sky Sky's eyes more than ever - for better and worse.

FIFA has struggled on the pitch in some of its last iterations, in which dismal differences in matches are getting spoiled. For years we have been unable to play FIFA like football is played in real life - instead, we are zigging the ball to the pitch and abusing stunning feathers so that the opponent's defense to swing in an unstable cross Could be violated for Equally unstable header The FIFA 19 matches have more natural and more variation, the way they come out, because EA has all the pieces needed to make it on a large scale. Although the slow pace of FIFA 18 began, the latest recurrence eventually makes this work by consolidating the response of the players. Work through the passage again, and they (at the player's pace) seem to be in a good place in the balance - neither the underprivileged nor overpowered, as is a very long case. The FIFA 19 ball still does not seem to be satisfactory as PES 2019, but at least like the real life sphere, it feels like something that is.

FIFA 19 Review by Gameinonline

FIFA 1 includes new strategic options with Wannabe managers, like how many players you want to commit to corner kicks and whether you want to take your full-back in over-or-adoption. Undoubtedly welcome, and strategic changes in your defensive technique - After possession loss, continuous pressure and drop off, the press is one of the five options on the front - put a real impact in the game, so that you move your play style forward. Can.

However, the very new feature of game plans is a mess. You can set different strategies for different in-game situations before a match and then switch between them on the pitch immediately, but any changes to a game plan including your default initial plan, Does not automatically appear in So saying that you decide to switch your wings to a particular match or to tie your formation to match the opponent's star player; If you change aggressively or defensively during a match, then that change will be lost. This is definitely not a dealbreaker, but it essentially ends with spending more time in the team management menu, which in fact should eliminate this type of admin work. And despite the extra depth of options, the vast majority of AI teams still behave in an equally similar (and often unrealistic) way - Wigan Athletic is hard to manage to get out of his press with a spectacular one-touch football Had to take

The FIFA Football brand is more physical this year because strength is becoming a more important situation and the collision looks more realistic. You can see and feel the players fighting for the ball, and goalkeepers are not invincible with the cross as in previous years. Long ball strategy is a bit more viable than last year - as a result, kindly, with a free kick - and it looks satisfying to knock you down once for your striker at 12 yards away for your target. Despite this, and the new strategic choice, there is still no way to determine which players go for the corners and free kicks, which means that your 6 '6 "center-back is still halfway through Find out the elbow in the box where it should be, from time to time, finishing expert tries to add more depth to FIFA's patchwork for the players, Ha may Swbavpuarn and bizarre, it adds a good risk-reward layer which was supposed to run later on muscle memory.

Meanwhile, EA's implementation of the newly acquired Champions League and Europa League license is excellent, adding the official experience of the biggest event of club football with authoritative branding, specific commentators, and authentic atmospheres. Competition has its own way in FIFA 19, as well as the use of travel, ultimate team and implementation in career mode, and its credit EA is used in more comprehensive ways than the Konami.

FIFA 19 Review by Gameinonline

Unfortunately, this new career mode is quite high in terms of features, and this is where FIFA 19 suffers. Career mode FIFA has the remaining intensive single-player mode and still has not made any significant improvements over the years. This year's mode has not been touched, save for the Champions League implementation, and showing cracks. That means you get the same "Boss, I was hoping you're experimenting with the team?" Messages; The same bugs and problems (such as the inability to lend to newly purchased players); The same typo and grammar errors in the news report; And if it comes to club strategies like recruitment and firing of staff or stadium expansions, then the lack of depth Similarly, Pro Club is very similar in FIFA 18 this year, and it is difficult to not sympathize with those who estimate around the transfer movements of EA, considering how much attention the micro transaction-driven ultimate team has compared goes. Obviously, the two modes are big and popular because they are not getting any new facilities or even improving the quality of any quality is unacceptable, and in the next year, needed.
Kickoff is the place where most of the EA's focus was focused on this year, the introduction of detailed figures and some interesting new sub-modes contained in-house rules. These allow you to close fouls and offsides, turn on the survival mode like the war royale - in which one goal of one of your players is being sent - or has not been scored from any header or volley. These modes are shallow, and due to being available in local drama, there is only one disturbing decision, but when you are playing with a friend, they provide a good change of pace. It's surprising how much your football-mixed brain needs; After 23 years, appealing for offside on this planet, "REF !!!" It's not difficult to shout! When my brother scores fourth of the game on TV, even when traditional rules are excluded.

This year, the FUL added division is a new sub-mode called Rivals, which is now a replacement for online cut off mode. This is another short way to qualify for the FUT Champions Weekend program, and it has always become a growing and growing Beethoven Ultimate Team. Otherwise, the Ultimate Team has remained for more than a year long, but during a season the strength of the mode is consistently constant in live support, which is once again shaping to be exemplary. Champions Card, Limited Time Packs, Daily and Weekly Objectives, Special Events and Tournaments - The Ultimate team has something to draw you every week, and this is actually the lifetime of FIFA 19.

The third year of the trip sees the conclusion of the story of Alex Hunter, but sister Kim and best companion Danny Williams join them in a three-shocking story like GTA V. You can switch between the three at any time to play your personal storyline, although there is a recommended path to recommend that keeps their descriptions vaguely with each other. Each character also has its own special features, such as Alex's advisor team choice in Real Madrid (Spellers!), Or Danny's ad choice he wants to take part. The script and acting of the journey is not totally outstanding, but it remains a unique way of playing, and I hope the EA will continue after the special episode of this Champions League.

FIFA 19 is influenced by the entertainment of broadcasting football, there is a surprising number of surprises that are wrong. You still do not get the fourth option in extra time, for example, and double dangerous rules - where a player is supposed to playpen, a red card cannot be shown now within the penalty area - it's two years In spite of these laws changes in the past, FIFA still has not been implemented. Despite the English clubs having the first closest date of 9th August in this session, there is a deadline set on August 31 in career mode, and many teams are not considered one of the "big" clubs, they have a third kit or away keeper kit Does not match. When the rest effect of FIFA's presentation package is so impressive, then these small, inaccurate details appear, especially when small changes are required to correct them.
It promises that EA is listening to its community. FIFA 1 is more responsive on the pitch than last year, and the company continues to develop FUT to keep it fresh. However, the lack of progress in career mode and Pro Club is extremely inadequate. Thankfully, the continuous entertainment of travel, long-term nature of FUT, and some inventive new kick off mode mean that I'm still playing FIFA 19 by the time of the next year's game.

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